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Spring is here!

Author: Designs By Sundown

Irrigation in Colorado

Spring means activating irrigation systems in Colorado

Spring Irrigation

In the arid climate of Colorado, having an efficient and well-maintained irrigation system is essential for the balance of being environmentally water-conscious, while sustaining a beautiful landscape. 

A little TLC

Often, repairs may be necessary at the irrigation startup. Snow removal operations, hibernating animals, or the ground shifting from winter’s freeze-thaw processes are just a few examples that can cause an irrigation system to require a little TLC. Irrigation activations are a great time to carefully evaluate the system to ensure it is operating efficiently and effectively for the dry months of summer. 

An ever-changing landscape

Studies conducted by the EPA show as much as 50% of the water used outdoors is lost due to wind, evaporation, over-watering, and runoff caused by an inefficient irrigation system. As landscapes mature, the water needs of the grass and plants change. Therefore, it is important to consistently inspect and maintain irrigation systems regularly to combat an ever-changing landscape.

During your sprinkler system activations, Designs by Sundown has certified, and highly trained irrigation technicians to carefully inspect each zone and perform the following:

  1. Adjust heads/nozzles to spray water to targeted areas.
  2. Inspect for failing, old, or worn-out irrigation heads, back-flows, nozzles, valves, and pipes.
  3. Evaluate the system’s distribution uniformity and check for matched precipitation rates.
  4. Program the irrigation controller for spring temperatures and water requirements (This will need to be adjusted as temperatures change).
  5. If needed, make recommendations on water management improvements, repairs and periodic water management/clock check-ups.
spring irrigation

At Designs By Sundown, we strive to be good stewards of our natural resources – especially water. After all, the future is here, let’s make it sustainable!

Please call us today at (303) 789-4400 to schedule an irrigation service or to answer any questions from our trained and certified service team.

**We are also aware that we are going through some unprecedented times. We are making sure to take the following precautions: 6’ foot social distancing, clients will be notified via phone call when the tech arrives on-site, walk the client through zone switches via phone (tech can come inside if needed/preferred), sanitize any surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, controllers) tech touches while at client’s residence and techs are sanitizing vehicle surfaces and tools daily along with an added emphasis on proper hand hygiene each time arriving to or departing a site.

Learn More Here: https://www.epa.gov/watersense/statistics-and-facts

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